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Relationship Do’s and Don’ts in Fitness Facilities – How to Go Around it and Still Be Successful

February 5th, 2021

Women enjoy dominating the relationship, especially when it comes to sexual positions. The “being on top” thing should always be practiced, especially towards the end since the woman is already warmed-up and ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If that is required, let her be on top and let your hands wander all over her body. Take advantage of the fact that you are in the dark and your imagination can run wild since you practically can’t see anything. In certain cases, you don’t want to see it either.

Prior to embarking on this engaging and vigorous journey of pure lusty sex, make sure you are cleaned-up. Take a nice shower; get every part of yourself squeaky-clean. Pay close attention to your hands. They will be wandering into every corner of her body, so you want to make sure they’re sanitized.

Once you’ve got all that mastered, you shouldn’t have any problems making it to forth base with any woman you want. Now, for those whose problem is to get to forth base in the first place, well, I’ve got that covered, too.

Women need to know what you’re doing, and before letting you go too far, they want to make sure that your techniques will not suck when the time comes to get busy. Every man hears about how the erogenous parts of a woman’s body will enable him to uncover her wild side. Well, if you are not sure where they all are, just follow these few tips. Many guys have tried before to ask a woman, and I quote: ” Where should I caress you?” or “What drives you wild?” Well, no woman will offer you the solution on a silver platter; you need to be smart and learn about women’s anatomy before asking such lame questions. So, after reading the following, you will not need to ask her any questions- well, except for one: “Your place or mine?”

I’m going to list her body parts in order of importance, which I discovered after interviewing a few women about where they like being touched the most. There are approximately 13 erogenous spots on a woman’s body that they simply beg for a man to touch and play with. Women can also get excited when you let them know exactly what you’re going to do to her, sexually speaking.

Her ears are a very erogenous spot. Especially the edge of the ear. Using any finger, but it should only be one, you want to caress the ear, not tear it out of its socket. Run your finger around the edge of the ears: some women find this act very erotic and sexy. While doing that, continue talking dirty to her in the other ear. If you manage to pull it off correctly, you’ll soon be standing in a puddle of women juices.

Women’s lips are very sensitive spots as well. You need to learn how to kiss a woman, because for crazy reasons, women equate a good kisser with a good lover. Go figure! Make sure that your kiss is soft yet still passionate. Go spend a few months in France practicing French kissing and come back to impress the American females. However, while French kissing, make sure your kiss doesn’t give her the impression of being hit by a tsunami of saliva.

Her arms have enough nerve endings to make her explode into extreme desire to hit a homer with you. Stroking her arms and the backs of her hands stimulate the C-tactile fibers, nerves that stimulates pleasurable hormones. The good thing about this kind of touching is that is can be done anywhere without shocking the families and kiddies around you. So don’t be afraid: touch her as much as possible; it will make her feel great.

The belly: ahhhh, the belly. When touched, it is a body part that can create extreme arousal for most women; however, it can create lots of complexes as well. Having a flat belly is quite difficult to achieve, so for a good part of the male and female population, they spend most of their energy hiding that belly. Even going to the beach can be a battle. For the rest of us who do have the luxury of a flat stomach, well, my fellow gentlemen, you can give her tingles by swirling your fingertips around the belly region. Always be sure to let her know how much you enjoy it, perhaps even more than she does, because of having the honor of touching her belly. Using your tongue can actually increase the effect of possibly driving her to……..well, I’ll let you guess the rest.

The nose is one of the most crucial spots in the body that can make her either aroused… or retire to become a nun. According to pheromone researchers, the odor that stimulates the women’s genitals the most is likely a man’s personal odor. That is, if you’re clean and crammed with testosterone and that she is, of course, physically attracted to you. However, to increase your chances, we suggest that you consume a cucumber and anise salad, brush your teeth afterwards, shower and put on some light deodorant. Afterwards, the ball is in your court, my friend. Make it the best game possible!

Ahhhh, the neck. My favorite spot on a woman. It is always good to approach it with some humor as well. I always tell them that I become excited during the full moon and that my great-great-great-grandfather was from Transylvania. Some will understand the point of the joke; others will ask me where Transylvania is. In the latter case, I explain to them this is where Count Dracula came from, and when they ask me who was Count Dracula…this is when I simply tell them to look the other way and if they feel my lateral incisive puncturing their jugular, to just ignore it and enjoy.

Women know how sensitive their necks are to men’s mouths, lips and teeth. If you do catch her from behind and kiss her neck, she’ll be yours ’til kingdom come. If you do use your teeth, just make sure to nibble her neck. Don’t get too harsh with her. If you can’t hold back, just make sure to wear a jockstrap prior to doing anything to her neck.

Another area neglected by most men is under the bra region. We, men, are way too busy to think about all the spots on a woman’s body, so we go for lips, breast and crotch. Where else is there, right?

Well, since probably no other man in her life has ever touched her under the bra, then maybe you can be her first, like a born-again virgin. For many women this can be the most sensitive area on the body. Make sure to gently caress the area with your hands, and do not be tempted to bounce around the melons while touching this area. You are not in the fruits and vegetables section of a supermarket.

Women’s hair also can be a good territory for men to venture into. Women spend hours of their time combing their hair because they want to look great for your date; however, it does relax them as well. Stroking a woman’s hair helps her relax and stimulates her at the same time. So go ahead, put your fingers in there and start making her moan. You’ll probably go to third base soon after.

The feet. For those with a foot fetish, this one doesn’t concern you because you already know what you’ll be doing for a woman after the first date. For those who don’t already know, the feet have nerve endings that can actually put a woman in any kind of mood that you might find beneficial to you. Go for giving her a massage by using gentle and forceful strokes at the base of the feet and toes. She will look at you with the look of a very naughty woman.

Legs: Most women have a wide variety of lotions and oils to rub on after a shower. No wonder they’re always late for a date. They pop in the shower at 6 p.m., and they are done by 9 p.m., while you, the man, wait around like a moron. Let’s be frank: they go through with this ritual for us to enjoy their scent and the smoothness of their skin. You gotta break some eggs to make an omelet, right? Anyhow, offer her to put some more lotion on her but making it understood that it’s not because she smells, but because you want to make her feel good. I can guarantee that if you do a good job caressing her entire legs and body, you will be getting something amazing in return. (Of course, keep in mind that all results vary from woman to woman, so do this without any expectations whatsoever).

The lower back is also a good erogenous spot on her body. Tell her you’re a professional masseuse and you know how to make her feel good. She’ll find this idea quite amusing and, of course, will want to try you out. She may tell you where it hurts, but most of the time, you’ll need to guess, and as a professional masseuse, you should know which are the spots that need the most attention. The lower back will need lots of rubbing, because this is where women accumulate the most tension. If you have it, use some lotion or massage oil (make sure that if you need to use this professional masseuse bullcrap, you always carry some massage oil with you) and make some circular motions with your thumbs on either side of her spine. The deeper the moan, the lower you can go.

Her glutes will need attention as well. Since this book is about the “butt,” I can’t forget that spot. The glutes or derriere (French for the behind) can be an area (just like the belly) of extreme insecurity for almost all women, unless if you live in Japan with sumo wrestling culture where you’re allowed to walk around with a butt the size of Texas and still be admired. Women’s butts are either too big or too small, too flat or too round, and even if it does look perfect to us, they still need to complain about it. Make sure to always praise her butt in a way that shows you mean it, and you’ll be greatly appreciated.

Finally, the one between her legs. Yes, the one most guys know where it is but still don’t know how to work it. It will be quite difficult for me to describe in detail what to do, but I will give a few pointers. If you do decide to use your fingers, well, make sure to use two, unless she tells you she’s a virgin. If not, two fingers is the least you can play with if you want to get her aroused. As you lie down on her back, plunge the two fingers in, creating a hook inside of her with your fingers. They have to be pointed at 11 o’clock. This is where the G-spot is located. You will feel a swollen lump inside of her, which means she’s on her way to getting aroused. Continue caressing the spot over and over again. You will hear, by her sounds and feel of the lump becoming more and more swollen, that she is reaching it. To help her reach an amazing orgasm, tell her to hold her breath when she feels that she is coming. That will definitely be a mind blowing orgasm.

If you decide to use your tongue, well, you’re in for a real treat. She will beg you for more and more. First, you need to go to the grocery store and get yourself a box of “Altoids” (peppermint ones are best). Pop a couple of them in your mouth and go down on her, starting with the famous ABC’s while keeping the Altoids pressed against her clitoris. By the letter G, she will reach her orgasm. At the same time, by virtue of quite an amazing phenomenon, she will have the taste in her mouth of the Altoids. Yes, she will actually taste the Altoids through her vaginal walls. It is rather a mind-boggling experience. The Altoids create a tingling sensation inside of her, because, as you already know, for those who have tasted Altoids before, it is a curiously strong mint. This tingling feeling makes its way directly to the erogenous area in her vagina, and soon she’ll be ready to sing opera. After that experience, she will never see you the same way again.